VAVA car hiring

For safety, comfort and leisurely drives your best choice can not go beyond VAVA tours.
We offer Car Hiring services with state of the art vehicles ranging from;

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4
VIP cars
Saloon cars
Special tour-built vehicles

These are provided with a wonderful staff of drivers and tour guides ready to take you all the way around this very clean nation of Rwanda - ‘Land of a thousand hills’.

All our vehicles have full comprehensive insurance cove but we do advise you that full medical insurance be taken out separately by our clients. For the DIY safari enthusiast we have basic camping equipment available for hire.

VAVA trucks

In order to meet the customer’s needs we transport the goods everywhere in Rwanda and in Africa. We have the flowing lorry:


The VAVA truck’s activities include handling and delivering different goods and materials from Rwanda to Africa or vice versa by land. The company also provides trucks leasing.








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